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about dr cynthia chin kirk



Dr Cynthia Chin Kirk (Dr. Cynthia E. Chin, Dr. Cynthia McGinnis Riddle Chin) is an art and material culture historian of eighteenth-century America and Britain, specializing in dress, textiles, identity, and collecting.


She is a current researcher at the University of Glasgow and the co-founder of  Materializing Race.



Together with Philippe Halbert (Yale University), she founded and leads Materializing Race, a virtual community committed to fostering nuanced interpretations and meaningful dialogue on historical constructions of race and their legacies. Through a series of virtual “un-conferences," scholarship on the intersections of identity and material culture in #VastEarlyAmerica is discussed and shared. Follow Materializing Race on on Instagram: materializingrace, and on Twitter: @material_race.


affliations & Fellowships

Dr Chin Kirk is a PhD researcher at the University of Glasgow where she is examining collecting #vastearlyAmerica, British, and European dress, textiles, and art in museums, 1600-1830.


She was a 2020-21 Research Fellow at the Washington Library in Mount Vernon, Virginia, and earned her doctorate in early American material culture from Georgetown University in 2019.

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